BORSAN, one of the biggest cable and lighting products industrial companies of Turkey, has officially launched its Research & Development (R&D) Center. Officially registered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the BORSAN R&D Center will focus on design, development and production of technology and value added products.

Borsan R&D Center

The R&D Center of BORSAN, one of the biggest cable and lighting products industrial companies of Turkey, has been officially registered by the Ministry of Industry & Technology, as of November 29th, 2018. Established on a 350 sqm. designated area within BORSAN’s aluminum conductor power and installation cables’ production facility, BORSAN R&D Center is Samsun’s third Ministry-Registered Research and Development Center, while being the first of its kind within the lightning industry.


Borsan R&D Center

19 highly skilled people, consisting of R&D engineers and research staff are manning the BORSAN R&D Center, which features special hardware and testing software at laboratory sections for fire testing, lightning, metals & polymers.

“Our aim is increasing BORSAN’s competitive strength, as well as providing input for Turkish economy through value added products and import substitution” said BORSAN Group CEO Mehmet Arbek Akay, “Product and process development for designing and manufacturing new products that would empower our ambitious goals for new export markets and higher shares in existing ones, while further improving our outstanding position in the domestic market, as well as enabling BORSAN with an even higher competitive edge will be the core focus areas of our new R&D center.

Borsan R&D Center

Furthermore, we aim to help increasing field-based technological knowledge of university students and academicians alike, to assist reflecting academic knowledge as an added value for applications regarding industry and production; by further deepening BORSAN’s already existing engagement in university-private sector cooperation in Samsun.”

Akay also said: “Process development for higher quality, lower cost and shorter delivery terms, in order to increase BORSAN’s competitive abilities at a sustainable pace, is another key objective of our R&D Center.”

“The R&D Center has already started the making of a strong track record, with the strength of our engineering capabilities and the quality of our hardware, producing our notable work” said BORSAN R&D Director Dr. Koray Turbalıoğlu, “We kept working while the official registry processes were under way in their normal course. Five projects for cable products and two projects for lightning equipment products have continued. From these, one Tübitak Project and one Ministry of Trade New Product & Design Project are completed; pending their own respective registry processes. Our pace will only increase in the future. Meanwhile, we pursue our goal to increase expert, creative, innovative talent in our field, with our continuous support to academic programs at bachelor and post-graduate levels.”